High-touch, 1-1 experience is perfect for the service provider or coach that wants a dedicated partner & coach to help grow/scale their business.



There's been a growing trend happening in the online world with group programs - it seems like EVERYONE has one...& I get it because I have them too.

But there's not enough DAILY, PRIVATE access with high-level coaches!

Well..unless you want to spend $5K+/month

I know that you aren't at the point of spending $5K+/month on support...yet 😉

What you need right now is daily, private access to someone who's achieved the goals that you want to you don't have to wait until the next coaching call to get your questions answered.

Someone who...

• Is consistently working 10 hours/week (or less)
• Retired their partner
• Has run 2, 6+ figure businesses
• Is a mom..aka manages an insane household every day (if you're a mom, you know)
• Manages a team in her business
• Has been in business for 7 years (& made every mistake you can think of)

Someone that walks the walk (& not just talks the talk)!

I'm ready!

is a dedicated PARTNER in your business!

Someone who...

Not an "accountability partner" that you find in a free Facebook group that asks how you're doing 🥱

Someone who actually knows how to get you results while giving you some tough love when you need it ❤️‍🔥🫶

Private, daily  access like this is unparalleled in helping you get results quickly in your business. 

✨ You have a question about your Six-Figure Signature Offer™? Ask me right away and I'll clear it up!

✨ Mindset blocks are keeping you stuck? We'll talk through it.

✨ Want someone to review your social media posts to make sure they’re written to convert? You got it!

✨ Want to create a better system for streamlining your business operations? Let's do it!

✨ Not signing enough clients and want to talk through a strategy to get that money flowing? Let's do it!

✨ Having trouble with a team member and need to let them go? I'll walk you through how to do this the right way.

✨ Need an automation created to save you 10+ hours/week? I'll help you create it!

Plus, every 2 weeks you'll have a 1-1 call to get facetime on Zoom!



Below is an overview of what you'll receive:

1 or 3 months of access to Steph as your private coach (you choose how much time you need)

Initial 45-minute private call with Steph to create your action plan

Bi-weekly private coaching calls

Daily, private support from Steph on WhatsApp

Access to Steph's programs/any new offers that she creates during that time (3-month option only)

Ready to get started or have a few questions?

Send Steph a DM or email and she'll make sure you're a fit & share next steps with you!




One Month



3 Months

1 payment: $5,000

3 monthly payments: $1,888


Want a lower payment? We now have the option to get started for $275/month. Click here to learn more.

Prefer email over DMs?

Send an email to and Steph will respond as soon as she can!




"With Stephanie's help I was able to increase my revenue and scale my business to $8K cash months & in just 10 weeks I signed on 4 dream retainer OBM clients! Plus, I was able to leave my 9-5 job to run my business full time!

Stephanie is genuinely invested in seeing you win! She celebrates your wins no matter what and empowers you to scale your business with confidence. If you are feeling stuck or at a loss on how to drive your business forward then this is the lady to get you to where you need to be!"

Nicola Peters, Online Business Manager

"Working with Steph has been an absolute dream! I got SO much clarity on my path forward as a new coach and she was so supportive of my process the whole way through.

She tells you point blank what you need to be focusing on AND holds you accountable when you veer off track. I truly believe that working with Steph set me up to have a six figure coaching service and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience!" ❤️

Mallory Sutton, Mindset Coach

"Stephanie is AMAZING!! She helped me go from feeling overwhelmed and drowning in client work to building a team to offload tasks to. She has also given me clarity on how to organize the backend of my business and structure it in a way so that it can be scaled as an agency.

I have added on several clients since working with her and have increased my prices. Do yourself a favor and join Six-Figure Service! I can honestly say that I would be lost without this! You won’t regret it and your business will be better because of Steph & her team!"

Tammy Powers, VA for Photographers

"I cannot say enough good things about Steph! She has truly helped my business transform! I had all these goals and dreams, but really lacked the ability to get out of my own way when it came to putting in the work.

Since working with her I've completely pivoted to an agency model and I've never felt better about it. With her help, I hired two new contractors to help me get all the things done so I can keep growing my dream."

Meredith Rines, Accountant & Bookkeeper

"Thank you soooo much for helping me clarify the next steps I need to make in my business! Your knowledge and experience was so helpful! Thank you for being so relatable and direct with your advice & suggestions! Clarity is so key and I'm glad I have it now!"

Evelyn Templar, Instagram Strategist for Nail Techs

"Having Steph's guidance as someone who has walked this path before me has been incredibly valuable and helpful. It was comforting to know that I always had Steph to rely on for help with systems, strategies, clients, and more.

She has not only been an incredibly hands on coach (and was always there to talk me off the ledge!), but has become a great friend, too. If you're on the fence about working with her, trust me, she's totally worth the investment (and more)!"

Kristi Bahgat, OBM for Business Coaches

"Steph was amazing!!! My thoughts were all over the place on starting a new coaching business while transitioning from my wedding photography business.

She was able to help me gather all of my thoughts, get through my mental roadblocks, figure out a plan of action - how to transition and what steps I need to take right now. It was so helpful!"

Krista Piper, Photographer and Coach

"Before I spoke with Steph, I had no idea what I wanted for my business & I thank her for helping me lay out the steps to get started. The information she provided has been so valuable. Plus, if I decide to tweak & pivot, I can still use it!"

Nea, Virtual Assistant

"After just a few weeks of being in the Coach & Serve program with Steph, I signed two new coaching clients and added extra cash to my business!" 

Sonakshi Bahl, Dubsado & Clickup Expert

Working with Steph has been incredible and it's so worth the investment!

Sam Smith, Online Business Manager

"After a few weeks of joining Six-Figure Service & working with Steph, I gained so much more clarity around how to make my offers scalable! Steph's feedback and coaching on the calls and weekly critiques is helping me grow so much more quickly than if I tried to do it on my own. Plus, I signed my highest client and am making more on a monthly basis than ever!"

Heather Cook, Virtual Property Manager

"Everything Stephanie shared in just one phone call has been more helpful than anything I've learned from other people. She really focuses on what the individual needs for their business and that goes above & beyond anything else!"

Laken Betchel, Course Creator for Coaches

"After working with Steph in her Coach & Serve program, I quickly launched my group program and generated an additional $7.5K in revenue!" 

Cait Potter, Workflow & Dubsado Pro

"Your success is not a straight line; there will be hills and valleys on your journey. Prior to starting my business, I was working in the legal field but now thanks to Steph, I know everything that I need to in order to make this business successful from my home and I'm so grateful for that!"

Amanda Russell, Copywriter

I am so grateful for Steph! Since working with her, I've been able to grow my business faster and with more confidence than I thought was possible!

I had NO CLUE what I was doing when I started my VA business and thanks to this program, I have been able to start my business off the right way and book FIVE new clients!"

Shelley Phillips, Virtual Assistant

I am so grateful for Steph and all of the advice that she shared with me while working with her. Before working with Steph, my business was a wreck and each day I found more clarity and have been able to simplify and streamline my business.

I wouldn't have been able to fast track my success and be where I am today without her help.  I'm so happy that I found her, totally life changing!

Alyssa Gleason, Online Business Manager

"Working with Steph in Coach & Serve was amazing and I’m excited that I have the tools now to really get the ball rolling for my coaching arm of my business." 

Chelsey Collins, Graphic Designer, Branding Strategist and Business Coach

Mom, wife, business strategist, systems nerd & Chipotle addict 🌯

I'm a business strategist & scaling expert who helps women start their service-based businesses and scale them to reach 6+ figures while keeping them in the CEO seat and working less than 20 hours/week. 

Prior to diving into the world of online business more than 6 years ago as a virtual assistant, I worked in the corporate world at a digital marketing agency for 10+ years with some of the world’s largest franchise brands to up-level their marketing efforts.

After building and growing a successful VA agency, I decided to move into the coaching space in 2019. Since then, I've helped hundreds of women start and scale their own businesses to reach their unique freedom goals as business coach and scaling strategist.

In 2022, I retired my husband from his full time job and every day show women how they can experience true time & money freedom in their own lives!

I'm also a tech nerd, systems strategist, wife, mom and Chipotle addict. Her favorite place to hang out is Instagram! You can find her at @theblakecollective. 

 Hey, I'm Steph!