Designing Your Signature Service

income selling service-based business Feb 08, 2021

Before pivoting to an agency model, it’s important to have one signature service for your business. This is crucial for your brand’s longevity so that you become known for one main service. 

Not only will this result in customers referring others to work with you, you will become a household name in your specific industry. 

When you are starting to consider what you’ll offer for your signature service, you’ll want to consider the elements below to find the best fit for your business.

Let’s break it down!

Think of the Next Level Version of Yourself

When thinking about your signature service, don’t just think about where you are now. Think about the next level version of yourself, who owns a successful agency, has a dream business, and only works twenty hours a week. 

What does this person look like? What dreams does she/he have?

Dream really big here BUT don’t get stressed during the process. This is a great chance to think about what you want in the future and where you’d like to take your business.

This is important to do because if you don’t know WHERE you want to go, you won’t be able to create a plan (with your signature service) to get there!

Inside of my program, Six-Figure Service, we do an ‘ideal week’ exercise where you will outline what this week looks like for you. Plus, you can submit it for a private review so we can make sure that everything you want to do is realistic, scalable and sustainable!

Examples of Signature Services

If you are unsure where to start with your signature service, consider finding a niche within your current offerings. 

For example, if you are a website design agency, you could specialize in ShowIt website design. 

For a social media management agency, you could offer ongoing monthly support, so your agency will work in a monthly retainer role. 

Graphic design agencies could focus on print design, creating cards or clothing. 

As a public relations agency, you could specialize in TV bookings, so you establish a name within your industry for that signature service. 

As you can see, there the options are nearly limitless when it comes to deciding what to offer!

Inside of my Six-Figure Service program, we review all of the current offers in your business to create a signature service that aligns with your goals and skills to ensure that it’s setup to be scalable and sustainable.

Selecting Your Signature Service

While you may feel like it’s so hard to put yourself in one bucket from your current service offerings, it’s important to remember that offering too many services can be confusing for your potential clients.

You are also likely confused yourself about what services you’re offering or creating custom solutions based on what the client needs (I see this all the time), and if that’s the case, you are definitely confusing any potential clients!

When someone visits your Instagram bio, Facebook page, website or asks you what you do, you want them to know and understand what services you offer in less than two seconds. 

You should have a concise and clear elevator pitch, and if you don’t already have one, finding your signature service should be your top priority in order to create that!

This is one of the first things that we do with our students inside of Six-Figure Service. We review each students elevator pitch to make sure that it’s concise, clear and actionable so you can book discovery calls with ease!

Even if you’re currently booked out with your services, you’ll still want to review your services to check they are appropriate for scaling your service-based business to 6+ figures. 

Many times, people will be offering custom services and these simply aren’t scalable with a team so we want to make sure to review everything you’re offering and make a few simple tweaks so your company is sustainable for the long-term!

Additionally, if you’re offering too many services for your business, you are setting yourself up for failure in the future. You won’t be able to keep up with demand, which will result in you hiring too many different types of people and a management nightmare..don’t do this to yourself! 😣

By getting started on the right foot and focusing on the one main service you can offer, you’ll set yourself and your company up for success as you continue to scale!

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