How to Stop Being a Control Freak

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Today we’re going to look at letting go of your control-freak nature to help you become more “flowy” and feminine in your business while still being strategic in the process. 

As a recovering control freak and perfectionist, I understand how difficult it can be to overcome me!

It’s an issue many people face, but you can start to overcome this and feel more relaxed about your business and life by following the steps listed below.

Understand Why You Feel the Need to Control Everything

Personally, I realized my need to control everything stemmed from my parents’ divorce. 

Since the time that they got divorced when I was 9 years old, I have tried to control everything in my life so that something ‘bad’ like this wouldn’t happen to me again.

The thing is - I didn’t realize that was the reason why I was trying to control everything. As I got older, I labeled myself a ‘control freak’ and just accepted it.

If you’re the same way, I want you to take a few minutes to sit and think about what may have triggered your control-freak tendencies. Often this is an event that happened earlier in your life, usually under the age of ten years old.

Be open and don’t judge the thoughts or feelings that come up; just accept them for what they are - thoughts and feelings :)

Consider Everything You Are Doing in Your Life and Business

After you realize what that trigger is, an easy way you can start to give up control in your life is to take a hard look at all of the things you are doing in your business and life. 

Ask yourself if all of these are necessary for you to do. Like REALLY necessary for YOU to be doing.

From there, you can take a look at everything you don’t need to be doing in your life & business. Think about how it would feel to hand over those tasks to another person. 

This could be laundry, housekeeping, client work, or anything else that takes up your precious time. 

Does the idea of this make you feel anxious or excited? Think about how you feel and journal to work through these emotions.

Try to understand why you feel the way you do, to pinpoint the top concerns you have. 

Remember, these feelings are normal for people when they first think about giving up control. 

This is an ongoing exercise that you will do when those anxious feelings come up, however, it will get a lot easier and become second nature to you over time.

Inside of my program, Six-Figure Service, we do a complete audit of your life and business to determine what these tasks look like so if you need some help figuring it out, this program will help with that and so much more!

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Running a business on your own is hard enough, so cut yourself some slack. 

You shouldn’t have to do everything alone, but I get it - the process of bringing other people into your business can also be overwhelming. 

As you step into the CEO role, you want to focus on scaling your service-based business without working even harder or longer hours. 

To do this, you need to remain in growth mode and stay in your zone of genius. This looks like working on higher-level tasks that ONLY require your brain.

You will also be focusing on hiring amazing people to complete certain tasks that you need to outsource.

And if that freaks you out, that’s ok! It’s completely normal to feel this way because truly stepping into that CEO role isn’t easy but it is necessary if you want to scale to 6+ figures!

That’s exactly why we want you through every step of the outsourcing, interviewing and hiring process inside of Six-Figure Service, so you can feel 100% comfortable with bringing on your dream team members!

By following these tips listed above, you’ll be able to slowly let go of these control-freak tendencies and begin to get your life back again and expand your business. 

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What began as a tiny dream to eventually help other moms stay home with their kids, turned into an obsession that she's fully invested in as a business coach.

Today, she helps service providers scale their service-based business to 6+ figures while working less than 20 hours/week!

Steph also has an insane obsession with Chipotle & Amazon Prime. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband, little boy and pup!

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