Mom Boss Monday (Kristina Dowler)

mom boss monday Jan 11, 2021

This weekly blog post highlights women who are successfully running their online business while managing a household to #NormalizeTheShitShow that comes with the territory of “doing it all”.

These moms are going to share the messy side of running their biz & raising kids, what a typical day in the life looks like (does this even exist?!), how they deal with mom guilt and SO MUCH MORE!⁠

You're getting a sneak peek into what their life looks like so you don't have to feel bad when you haven't bathed your kids in weeks & they have avocado in their hair as they lay in their crib (guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️).⁠

This week we’re hanging out with Kristina Dowler of Dot The I’s Outsourcing.

Explain what you do & who you service in your business.

I'm a virtual assistant and content creator for small business owners nationwide who crave more time with their families and desire more freedom in their lives.

I serve as a copywriter for blogs, social media, and newsletters. Additionally, I work with clients to determine and create workflows and systems to keep their businesses moving forward.

How many kids do you have? What are their ages?

1 son, he's 2 (almost 2.5)

What's the hardest part of running your business and being a mom?

GUILT. I constantly feel like I'm not giving enough attention to either my son or my business. For the longest time, I felt I had to do both at the same time; it never ended well. I still struggle with guilt every day, even when I try my best to respect the boundaries my family has put into place.

What is one "messy" thing about being a mom/biz owner that you would never share in public?

It's not always perfect. Sometimes I have to work more instead of being a mom more. Sometimes I have to mom more. The decisions are hard. The to-do lists are overwhelming. It's a lot of responsibility. At least in my household.

I'm responsible for him, for the biz, for the house, for the meals. It can be really overwhelming and the tears can be non-stop for me. But it happens. Each day is a new chance.

What does a "typical" day look like for you (I know this doesn't exist but let's pretend).

Up at 5:15.
Work 5:30-6:30.
Workout (run, Beachbody, etc.)
Breakfast with my son and husband (during COVID anyway)
Work 830-11
Prepare lunch/Lunch/Break with the guys
Work 1-2:30/3 (during naptime)
Possible work 3-4:30 if needed
Outside time/family walk/etc.
Prepare dinner
Family time (playing, TV time)
Bedtime for my son, 8pm
Bedtime for me, 930-10pm

Do you ever feel mom guilt?

YES. All the time. I don't know what I really do. I think I learn to live with it. But when it gets really bad, I make a point of leaving my phone in another room, taking my son outside or doing whatever I can to create a meaningful interaction with him.

It's taken me a while, but I've also realized meaningful doesn't have to be educational. It can be a tickle fight or just playing with his cars. I don't have to spend every free moment trying to teach him.

What's your favorite thing about being a mom/biz owner?

The flexibility. Before COVID I would love taking David to the local farm, library, even just a walk downtown. I had the space to do that. I could enjoy my time with him and know the work would get done.

Also, I've loved connecting with other parents and being able to help them (and let them help me) through my business. 75% (at least) of my clients are parents themselves, often younger ones, like me. It's been a blessing - to have that tribe building around me. And they TRULY get it, too.

What's ONE piece of advice would you give to other moms in the entrepreneurial space?

Build boundaries and protect them. I had clients who didn't understand I couldn't take calls at 9am because my son was up and wanted me. They didn't care. It was stressful and unfair to me and my son.

I try really hard to unplug at night now and avoid doing work on my phone around him. I may read (which is still on my phone and I need to work on that...) but anyway. Focus on what is important in that moment. My son or my work. Where am I? What's the focus? That's what's helpful to me!

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