Mom Boss Monday (Fiona)

mom boss monday Oct 05, 2020

This weekly blog post highlights women who are successfully running their online business while managing a household to #NormalizeTheShitShow that comes with the territory of “doing it all”.

These moms are going to share the messy side of running their biz & raising kids, what a typical day in the life looks like (does this even exist?!), how they deal with mom guilt and SO MUCH MORE!⁠

You're getting a sneak peek into what their life looks like so you don't have to feel bad when you haven't bathed your kids in weeks & they have avocado in their hair as they lay in their crib (guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️).⁠

This week we’re hanging out with Fiona of The Mindful Bossmom.

Explain what you do & who you service in your business.

I help female millennial coaches scale to $5k months with ease.

How many kids do you have? What are their ages?

One baby, 6 months old, she’s a girl!

What makes you unique as a mom & business owner?

I help other mamas who own a coaching business scale their businesses to $5k. I know spending hours on your business, your job, and taking care of kids all at the same is incredibly challenging. But that is exactly why I started my business, to help mothers overcome this and block out their time the right way. So that way, they can scale with ease and peace. 

What's the hardest part of running your business and being a mom?

The hardest part of owning a business and being a mom is EXACTLY THAT. Being a mompreneur is challenging when you want to get work for your business done, but your kids need your attention all at the same time. It can be very challenging doing both at once. I have struggled with this myself. But you just have set boundaries with yourself so that you can find balance. 

What is one "messy" thing about being a mom/biz owner that you would never share in public?

One messy thing about being a business owner and a mom is that sometimes I get so frustrated that I have to stop what I’m working on. When this happens, I stop what I’m working on and turn on some Netflix so that I can give myself a quick fix. I may be an entrepreneur and have knowledge on how to block out time, but it still gets very challenging and frustrating sometimes. It’s not easy. But is is SO worth it. 

What does a "typical" day look like for you (I know this doesn't exist but let's pretend).

A typical day is working on my business when my daughter is taking her daily naps and playing with her/giving her all my attention whenever she wakes up. 

Do you ever feel mom guilt?

I’ve felt mom guilt when I have had to work on my business and take care of my daughter at the same time. There’s time where I’ve felt like I’ve neglected her for 10 minutes while she’s playing with her toys because I’m working on my business.

Of course, I always keep her in sight and take good care of her, but I still have that mom guilt rush over me like a waterfall. I over come it by giving her the attention she needs. I also tell myself that I am an amazing mother so that I can remind myself I am mainly doing this for her!

What's your favorite thing about being a mom/biz owner?

Staying at home with my daughter! 

What's ONE piece of advice would you give to other moms in the entrepreneurial space?

Don’t overdo it. Take time off and set some boundaries. Set sacred hours that you will spend with your family and sacred hours that you will spend working on your business. 

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