Mom Boss Monday (Mercy Mathews)

mom boss monday Jul 06, 2020

This weekly blog post highlights women who are successfully running their online business while managing a household to #NormalizeTheShitShow that comes with the territory of “doing it all”.

These moms are going to share the messy side of running their biz & raising kids, what a typical day in the life looks like (does this even exist?!), how they deal with mom guilt and SO MUCH MORE!⁠

You're getting a sneak peek into what their life looks like so you don't have to feel bad when you haven't bathed your kids in weeks & they have avocado in their hair as they lay in their crib (guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️).⁠

This week we’re hanging out with Mercy Mathews|Executive Virtual Assistant.

Explain what you do & who you service in your business.

I’m a Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager who helps create systems, automation, and Social Media Management for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and small businesses as they focus on building and scaling their empires efficiently and effectively.

The services I provide include but is not limited to Business Support, Website building, Human Resource Management, and System Automation setups.

How many kids do you have? What are their ages?

I have two children. A two-year-old and a 5-month-old.

What makes you unique as a mom & business owner?

The unique value I bring to the Mom Boss Community is experience in all things systems and wisdom around running a business and running a home. Believe it or not, I love a system and process and apply it in my home too. Its how I am able to operate. I almost have an SOP in place for my husband if he needs it LOL.

What's the hardest part of running your business and being a mom?

Finding the right balance. There were days I would throw all of my energy into my business leaving me wanting to be alone at the end of the day and there were days I wanted nothing more than to be with my children and not touch anything to do with the business for some time. Both are so so important and want to give your best in both often leaves one burning out.

I am also in ministry so juggling all can be a bit much. Thankfully I have created the balance that suits the needs of my, business, home, and ministry I belong to. * Another thing I'd say is having both children scream in the background when you're trying to take a call, and just have to pretend it's not happening or apologize so many times; after all these children are my why's. Thankfully everyone is so understanding.

What is one "messy" thing about being a mom/biz owner that you would never share in public?

Loool how I’m dressed most days (even after having a shower) clothes are constantly full of either milk, dribble or vomit (fun times).

What does a "typical" day look like for you (I know this doesn't exist but let's pretend).

  • 7am: Wake up - mentally prepare myself for the day. Devotionals, Prayers, committing everything into Gods hands. Relax until the babies wake up
  • 9am-9.45am: Feed my 5 month old and 2 year old and get them ready for the day
  • 10am: start work, check emails, respond to DM’s, check my Trello board out and see what I already pre-planned for the day, and add any new times in. (In between all of this, look after my newborn and check on my 2-year-old, even though she runs between her dad and me)
  • 1pm: Lunch break, clean up after my two-year-old. Check the ‘gram. Hang out with hubby
  • 2pm: Focus on my clients work for the rest of the day
  • 5pm: Finish for the day and return to life as a mum and wife. 

Do you ever feel mom guilt?

Yes. I overcome it by taking a minute to gather my thoughts around why I feel mum guilt. If it means to take a day or two away from work, I will (making sure when I do I have things in place to make sure my work isn’t affected) I also speak to other mums as a sounding board.

What's your favorite thing about being a mom/biz owner?

Flexibility and spending time with who I love and doing what I love.

What's ONE piece of advice would you give to other moms in the entrepreneurial space?

Never give up. Your hard work will pay off. You have eyes watching you always in the form of your child(REN). They see how much effort you’re putting in and it will yield a harvest in them and for them.

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