→ You have 500+ emails in your inbox and you have no clue how to organize them
→ You are working long hours and seeing little to no results
→ You need a list of all the tasks that actually make you money instead of tasks that drain you
→ You feel like you lose money every time you step away from the computer
→ You are constantly looking for new clients
→ You have no idea what you're going to work on tomorrow


...that's why you decided to become an entrepreneur after all, isn't it?
You're finally ready to take control of your business and put systems into place that will do the work for you!
You're ready to create the automated & organized business that you've always dreamt of!


"I'm just not an organized person!"
"I fall out of the habit with organization, it just never sticks."
"I don't have time to organize my business."
"I set up the systems, I know they work but I don't maintain them and it all goes back to blah."
"I'm a designer and have that creative but messy & scatterbrain gene."
"I’m good at helping other people get organized but I’m not good at doing it for myself."
"I have NO CLUE where to start!"

You CAN do this (in less than 2 weeks) and I'm here to help you every step of the way!


Sorry to break it to you but in order to hire a virtual assistant to organize your business YOU need to create systems to show them how to help you!

The only person that understands your business inside & out is YOU and it's crucial for you  to understand how the pieces work before outsourcing them.

Get your business automated & organized for just $397!



→ You wake up every morning knowing EXACTLY what you're going to work on

→ You can finally spend time with your friends & family again

→ You have clients effortlessly coming in through an automated process

→ You're working on the projects that you LOVE and not wasting time on the admin tasks

→ You have a plan for every single day and you're not aimlessly working on #allthethings.

→ You are able to grow your team & focus on passion projects because you have SYSTEMS in place

→ Your business is organized and running like a well-oiled machine

This dream can be your reality in less than two weeks!

You'll get instant access to my proprietary CORE FOUR method that will show you how to organize the four most important parts of your service-based business.


Here's what you'll get access to inside of the Core Four Method!


→ Cut your inbox time in half (or more!)

→ Find any file that you need, when you need it

→ Create workflows that allow your business to run on autopilot


→ Focus on the projects that actually generate revenue in your business

→ Create templates that save you hours of time

→ Never question what you need to work on again

Get instant access to the Core Four Method today!


Wondering Who I Am?

Hey there! I'm Stephanie Blake!

After more than 10 years in corporate marketing I decided to start an online business.

Actually, I tried to start 8 of them and they all failed miserably because I was doing #allthethings and listening to the advice of "gurus".

It wasn't until I found out I was pregnant that I decided to FOCUS on what I loved doing - organization & automation!

I worked 1-1 with clients, gained a TON of knowledge and packed it into this course.

This course was created as a cost-effective solution to those who desperately wanted to get organized but didn't have the budget to hire someone to help them through the process.

By finally getting focused & staying productive, I was able to quit my 9-5, stay home with my son and have the freedom that I so desperately craved.

Today, I work with female, service-based entrepreneurs to help them reach $5K+ months in their businesses, following the exact system that led me to my goals.

Check out what people are saying!

“Thanks to the help from Stephanie I’ve been able to get my life back. My family said I was addicted to my business and my husband complained that I spent hours behind the computer. She helped me create the workflows I always dreamt of!”

“Stephanie taught me how to use ClickUp and create a monthly plan broken down into weekly & daily tasks. It has given me a lot of motivation to get things going for my business in the early stages.”

“Stephanie’s inbox skills are a core reason that I was able to quickly sign new clients into my agency. I can easily respond to the people I needed to and tune out others that weren’t necessary of my time.”

Get access to The Core Four Method today!



→ Your service-based business is a mess and you have NO CLUE how to start organizing it

→ You don't know what to focus on each day

→ You WANT to be organized but you need someone to help you get there

→ You have systems in place but they're not working for you


→ You don't want to put in the work

→ You don't want to follow a proven system

→ You don't have a service-based business

→ You're a dude - sorry guys, this is for the ladies only

Get instant access to The Core Four Method!

Your $97 investment gives you the EXACT framework you need to take the guesswork out of organizing & automating your online business.


“Running a business can require a lot out of you. Eventually, you find yourself feeling quite overwhelmed with no idea where to begin and desperately in need of systems and processes. Enter Stephanie Blake. Stephanie helped create a thoughtful, organized workflow that automates parts of our procedures. Therefore, freeing us up to worry about other important tasks that come with managing a company.”

“Stephanie helped me to create an organized plan for my maternity leave. It was helpful to see everything laid out to help me better understand what I can realistically get done before, during and after my leave. Thanks for your help!”

Have A Question?

Check out these FAQ's or send an email to

1 weekend, if you’re dedicated - that’s what I want for you!

On average 2-3 weeks depending on your client load; could take more or's really up to you :) 

No; all of the content is ready for you to use right away and doesn't have any B.S or fluff in the videos. The video is 27 minutes but on average they’re 10-15 minutes because I want you to be able to dive in and get these systems setup right away!

Yes! You get lifetime access to this course and any updates.

Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds available.

If I told you that you could save HOURS each week by dedicating a few hours upfront, would you do it?

If so, you'll realize that the return on investment is nothing compared to the time you save to finally do the things you WANT to, not that you HAVE to.

Yes, you get access to all future updates.

You might not be. If you're someone who will join this program and NOT take action, you’re probably not the right for it because you won’t get the results.

You only get results if you take action within the first few weeks.

If you read through this page and you're thinking:

  • Yes, I need automation
  • I need to get my inbox organized
  • I need to create an amazing experience for my clients

Then this is right for you!

Get instant access to the Core Four Method today!


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