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The step-by-step system that shows you how to (realistically) create your marketing content for the month in only 2 HOURS!

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We all know that content creation is important because if you're not visible, how will people buy from you?

Up until now, the process of actually creating your content has been frustrating, exhausting and honestly, annoying.

But what if I told you that content creation could be easy..and dare I say, fun?! 😳

creating marketing content doesn't have to feel like this anymore

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believe it or not...

And you don't have to spend days trying to figure out what you're going to talk about, write the posts and schedule them!

Feeling like this 👇

what if I told you...

...that you can create all of your content for the month in just 2 hours or less?

Feeling like this 👉

Yeah..I thought so because I felt the same way!

It used to take me 2 WEEKS to write 1 month of social posts. I absolutely dreaded it! 🥴

...until I figured out a system that was fast and worked!

I Want the system

After I put that system in place, I was able to create ALL of my marketing content for the month in just 2 hours!

just imagine


✓ Creating ALL of your content for the month in just 2 hours?!

✓ Knowing that you have a rock-solid process in place for repeating your content creation process

✓ Creating content that ACTUALLY gets you out of the social media 'friendzone'

✓ Focusing your time on doing things that you actually enjoy instead of trying to figure out what to post to Instagram next week

And now I'm sharing it with the world!

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Get instant access to the system & cut your content creation time in half (or more)! 👇

What do you get when you combine insane amounts of organization, the chaotic life of raising a toddler and the drive for an insane amount of success? Stephanie Blake!

After more than 10 years in a digital marketing agency, Steph decided that she was ready to go full force in her virtual assistant biz to help other entrepreneurs automate & organize the backend.

The end result? $10K+ months, completely booked out & ready to teach other women to do the same thing!

What began as a tiny dream to eventually help other moms stay home with their kids, turned into an obsession that she's fully invested in as a coach & business strategist!

Meet Steph!


You’re working all the time on client projects.

You barely have time to eat, let alone think about marketing your business!

You know you need to get visible but you don't see how it's possible for you to do more than you're doing right now! 

Team Leaders/CEOs
You have a team member or two that you’re outsourcing tasks to for your business but social media content is one big thing that you don't feel like you can get rid of because no one knows your voice like you do. 

This system on your CEO day & knock out all of your monthly content in 2 hours!

Anyone Needing Help Speeding Up Content Creation
Even if you're a tiny bit interested in outsourcing work to another person at SOME POINT, you need to sign up.

Whether you're brand new or an advanced service-provider with years of experience, you will leave this challenge with new strategies & actionable steps that you can start using right away!

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You have two options - 

1) Continue to use your current system and spend hours on your content each month

2) Cut your content creation time in half (or more) and actually do the things you enjoy in your business!
If you're going with #2, click the button below to get instant access to the Marketing in Minutes system!