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"With Stephanie's help I was able to increase my revenue and scale my business to $8K cash months & in just 10 weeks I signed on 4 dream retainer OBM clients! Plus, I was able to leave my 9-5 job to run my business full time!

Stephanie is genuinely invested in seeing you win! She celebrates your wins no matter what and empowers you to scale your business with confidence. If you are feeling stuck or at a loss on how to drive your business forward then this is the lady to get you to where you need to be!"

- Nicola P. | OBM

"When I first "met" Steph on Instagram, I was ready to throw in the towel. I had been doing everything I could think of to connect with my ideal clients and it just wasn't working. I was totally spinning my wheels and getting so frustrated. Steph messaged with me one night, while I was in the middle of a breakdown over awful clients I just didn't enjoy working for, and totally talked me through it. I hadn't even signed up for her program yet! It was at that moment that I knew I needed Steph and her program [The Scalable Service System™] in my life.

Since working with Steph, I have been able to rebrand myself and my business so that I can connect with my ideal clients and it's been working! She gave me the confidence I needed to push past my own fears and really jump into my business feet-first." - Amanda R. | Virtual Assistant

Evelyn T.
Virtual Assistant

Evelyn T. Virtual Assistant

"In less than 6 months of starting my business, I was able to make more than what I was making at my old 9-5 job! After working through the Scalable Service System™, I'm on track to triple what I was making!"

Evelyn T. Virtual Assistant

"Working with Steph has honestly been amazing! I felt crazy for investing at first because COVID had dwindled us down to just about nothing, so investing was so scary! Steph honestly helped me more than I could ask for! When we started working together, I was scared & confused on where to turn and what to do after a rough start in my business.

After working with her I'm so much more confident in who I am both as a person and coach. Plus, I'm hitting major milestones and crossing off goals along the way! I always felt safe speaking to her about both personal stuff and on a business level, which is what we need - a friend & coach! I am honestly so grateful for taking the plunge and all the help that she gave me. I am truly a whole different person and entrepreneur because of her support." - Sam S. | OBM

Krista Piper
Photographer & Coach

Krista Piper Photographer & Coach

"Steph was amazing! My thoughts were all over the place on starting a new coaching business to transition from my wedding photography business. 

She was able to help me gather my thoughts, get through mental road blocks & figure out an action plan that included how to transition and the steps I need to take right now!"

Krista Piper Photographer & Coach

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