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How to scale your service-based business to $8K+ months without burning out

Does this sound like you?

If you're nodding your head and thinking 'OMG THAT'S ME!', this free training was created for you! ❤️

Are you burning yourself out trying to keep up with all your client demands?

Do you hate making excuses for when work is not completed? You're lucky that your clients are so understanding but how long will it last?

You're ready to step into the CEO/management role so you're not doing it all in your business & your client's businesses anymore.

You know that you need help but you have no clue where to start or what to delegate in your business or your clients' businesses.

The thought of reaching $8K months sounds amazing but you have no idea how to realistically make that happen with your busy schedule.

I want the training!

Here's what you're going to learn:

How to escape the 24/7 hustle lifestyle in your business

An inside look at my 4-part Scalable Service framework for creating a service-based business that is truly sustainable for the long-term

The 2 essential elements that every service-based business NEEDS to scale

The #1 mistake that will cause your business to fail and how to fix it before it happens

Why YOU are the most qualified person to scale your business, even if you know nothing about managing a team

Most business coaches don't teach this because they don't know HOW to!

They don't know how to set up a business in a holistic manner.

They teach you how to niche yourself, market & sell your services, close the client, bring in consistent revenue..etc.

I teach all of this PLUS show you how to make sure the back end of your business is set up in a way that's truly sustainable and scalable!


What do you get when you combine insane amounts of organization, the chaotic life of raising a toddler and the drive for an insane amount of success? Stephanie Blake!

After more than 10 years in a digital marketing agency, Steph decided that she was ready to go full force in her virtual assistant biz to help other entrepreneurs automate & organize the backend.

The end result? $10K+ months, completely booked out & ready to teach other women to do the same thing!

What began as a tiny dream to eventually help other moms stay home with their kids, turned into an obsession that she's fully invested in as a coach & business strategist!

 Hey, I'm Steph!


You have two options - 

1) Continue to do this all on your own and cut your client load

2) Build a stable business that supports your current and future growth
If you're going with #2, click the button below to instantly watch the training that will help you set up the foundations of your business to be TRULY scalable for the long-term.